Building a Pathfinder Character in NEXUS

Pathfinder is a game where your character's actions determine how the adventure unfolds. As you build your character, you define who they are, where they came from, and what makes them unique. 

Getting Started

The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools will allow you to bring this hero to life. Whether you’re a seasoned player or preparing for your very first Pathfinder adventure, our tool allows you to craft your character in an interactive, editable way, and then manage that character’s progression through its journey.

We’ve built our Character Tools to make Pathfinder character building as simple as possible. While we offer digital compendiums, primers, rulebooks, and more, we also include everything you’ll need to know about Pathfinder characters and their many layers, right in the tool itself. This feature makes this the best Pathfinder character builder available.

While experienced players may come into the Pathfinder character builder with an idea of who they will create, newer players may find themselves learning as they build. Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or setting out on your very first adventure in Golarian, Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools guides you through the process with ease.

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Using the Pathfinder Character Builder

The builder is a straightforward, guided system that helps you bring your character concept to life without reading hundreds of pages of game rules. 

To get started, select your level. Level indicates your character’s overall power and adventuring experience. Higher levels grant new bonuses, increased abilities, and other benefits. In most games, characters begin at Level 1.

At the bottom of the first screen you’ll see Preferences & Rules. This is where you can make selections that affect how your character is built and what options are available.

The rest of character building is all about the ABCs: Ancestry, Background, and Class. In each of these sections, choices you make will bring your character concept to life as well as affect your ability scores (and modifiers!), and unlock special actions and feats

  • Ancestry represents the broad family of people your character belongs to. 
  • Background represents the experiences your character had before becoming an adventurer.
  • Class represents the adventuring profession chosen by your character.

Feel free to take your time and browse through the options at each of the ABC stages. The builder works at your pace–quickly when you know exactly what you want, or purposefully when you want to explore the various choices or learn more about how the game works. 

What if you change your mind about something? No problem. Going back and making different selections is as easy as a click or a tap on the section you wish to revisit.

Maybe you get interrupted during your character build. If you have to defend Golarion against one of Treerazor’s rampages, you can click SAVE CHARACTER, banish the demon back to the Abyss, then pick up where you left off later.

When you’re satisfied with your character, you’re ready to hit TO CHARACTER SHEET where you can put the finishing touches on your character including spells, equipment, and of course, catchphrases!

For more Pathfinder character tips and guides, check out the Resources section.

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