Managing Characters in Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools

Once you’ve built your characters in the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Builder, you’re ready to manage your characters through the suite of other character tools found within Pathfinder NEXUS.

You can curate your character list, adding, deleting, and even copying your existing characters. Keep them forever or send them on their way when you’re done; either way, the Character Tools will allow you to maintain them through their journey as long as you need.

Your Interactive Pathfinder Character Sheet

The interactive Character Sheet levels up your character management by offering a full arsenal of features. As an official Pathfinder character sheet, it brings all the features you need to keep tabs on your characters both at the table and between sessions.

pathfinder-character-sheet-1 copy

A Digital Home For Your Pathfinder Characters

Easily manage all of your Pathfinder characters in one place, accessible from anywhere on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Build new characters, or input existing characters for easier management. Review the lore, mechanics, and boosts associated with each character’s unique build.