Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools FAQs

    The Character Tools on Pathfinder NEXUS entered open beta on 5/23/23, and both new and seasoned players may have questions. Fear not, this FAQ is for you. 

    But first, a quick caveat: since this is an open beta, features, functionality, and even visual design can evolve quickly as we work through our development backlog and incorporate feedback from GMs and players. We'll work hard to keep this FAQ as current as possible, but there may be some differences between what you read here and what you see in the tools today.


    Q. What are the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools?

    Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools are online tools to help both new and experienced Pathfinder 2nd Edition players create and manage their characters. These tools save time for experienced players, and help new players enjoy and learn the game. Pathfinder is known for its vast amount of rich character options, so these tools can unleash a flood of creativity when it comes to making your next character. To deliver these benefits, Character Tools have two main parts: the Character Builder and the Character Sheet.

    Demiplane's Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Mobile And Desktop Views

    Q. What character options are available?

    Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools will incorporate all character options from official Pathfinder 2nd Edition rule books, Lost Omens source books, standalone adventures, and adventure paths. Some features and functionality (companion stats and management, for example) will not be available at launch but will become available as the beta progresses. 

    Q. Do the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools work on mobile?

    Yes, both the Character Builder and Character Sheet are responsive and optimized for mobile, as well as for tablets and desktop screens. No download or installing is required. You have access to your characters and the tools anywhere you have a data connection.

    The Character Builder On A Mobile Device

    Q. How do I create a character with the Character Builder?

    Start by heading over to the My Characters page and click CREATE CHARACTER. After choosing a name and selecting your starting level, the Character Builder guides you step-by-step through the process. You will be able to create characters even without reading any of the rules; the Character Builder gives you the ability to progressively explore and discover your options as you go, all directly through the builder itself. 

    Character Builder Class Options Desktop

    Q. How long will it take to create a character with the Character Builder?

    "It depends." Brand new players can often create a character in under 30 minutes without ever opening a rule book. As you get more familiar with the game and the options, you'll get even faster.

    If you don’t do a lot of exploring and experimenting, regular users can create a game-ready character in under 10 minutes, often under 5 minutes. Newer players will probably want to spend more time “learning as they go” of course. The Character Builder is designed to let you experiment and explore at your own pace, digging into as much or as little detail as you like.

    Q. What are some of the useful features of the Character Sheet?

    At launch of open beta, a robust set of helpful tools await you:

    • A Click-To-Know system that makes nearly every element on the character sheet interactive.  Any time you need to remember a rule while you’re playing simply click on the name of the attribute, feat, skill, action, spell, item, etc. and instantly access full rules plus tooltips, cross-references, and more.

    • Shareable character sheets. This empowers you to help build a first-time character for a new player and also to have access to all the obscure feats, spells, and items your players bring to your table.

    • Calculations and automations. The more we can help put math in the background, the more you can focus on your character and the group story. If it is a permanent value (how your Dex mod, armor proficiency, equipment, and level affect AC, for example), expect the Character Sheet to do the math for you. For situational, variable, or temporary values (Barbarian rage, conditions, etc.) you’ll see tools to help you track them, with automated calculations arriving as open beta progresses.

    • Dice roller. Whether you’re playing online or forgot your clacky math rocks, it’s a straightforward way to roll.

    • Did drinking from that enchanted pool give you +5 speed until sunrise? You can make that modification and jot down a note on where it came from.

    • A place for your Pathfinder Society Organized Play ID #, naturally.
    Pathfinder Character Sheet Example

    Q. How many characters can I make?

    With your free Demiplane account you can make up to 7 characters. If you'd like to have more than 7, upgrading to a paid Demiplane Membership unlocks unlimited characters for you, plus the ability to share your Pathfinder NEXUS library (all of your Demiplane NEXUS libraries, in fact) with up to 24 people. 

    Q. What does it cost?

    If an ancestry, class, feat, item, or spell is available in the Pathfinder Primer (found here) it will be available free in Character Tools.

    For other character options, when you have access to the book on Pathfinder NEXUS that a given ancestry, background, class, feat, spell, etc. is from, it will be available to you in Character Tools. "Access" includes when you own a Pathfinder NEXUS book yourself or someone has shared it with you using the content sharing benefit that's part of their Demiplane Membership. This approach makes sure our devs and designers get fair compensation for their work, and because we’re an official licensee, a portion goes back to support the Paizo team as well. 

    Q. How do I provide feedback and stay up-to-date on changes during open beta?

    Demiplane Forums are the go-to destination for providing feedback, seeing what others have to say, and participating in the community. 

    In addition to the Forums, we provide weekly Dev Updates on Twitch and YouTube

    See you there!


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