Character Management Tools in Pathfinder NEXUS

Every time you sit down to a tabletop RPG, you get to see the world through the eyes of another being. Whether you’re embarking on a fantastical journey as an elf or orc, or facing the dark unknowns of space, characters are key. They may be a reflection of yourself, or dynamically opposite from your reality, or somewhere in between. These characters can offer new perspectives and help you experience a small taste of something epic amidst everyday life.

They can also be a huge commitment to manage.

We get it.

Founded by TTRPG enthusiasts, Demiplane’s vision is to see a world where tabletop gaming is more accessible and efficient. Our characters have more meaningful, entertaining adventures when the rules fade into the background and everyone can focus on the fun. We think the joy of these great adventures with friends should be as easy to experience as possible. This mission spawned Pathfinder NEXUS, our suite of digital TTRPG tools for game masters and players alike.

The newest chapter in our ongoing quest is here: Pathfinder NEXUS Character Management Tools. Slated for public open beta on 5-23-23, this new digital toolset adds a new dimension to Pathfinder game management for both players and game masters.

Our Quest: Create The Best Pathfinder Character Builder in the Realm

Building a character is a personal journey itself. Some players go in knowing exactly what they want out of their character, while others might lean more into intuition. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or you wing it like a wyvern, it’s never been easier to build Pathfinder characters.

This interactive Pathfinder character builder includes all the information you’d need to build a character, whether you’re getting started in Pathfinder or have spent countless hours in Golarian. The builder's layout and design lets you build a character in less time than it takes to grab a coffee--and the thoughtful mobile interface (no app required) literally lets you make characters while you're waiting in line. But it's by no means a stripped-down experience. You can explore as deeply as you like; we give you access to all the details without forcing you to wade through them. 


A Digital Home For Your Pathfinder Characters

Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools let you easily manage all of your Pathfinder characters in one place, accessible from anywhere on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Whether you're building brand new characters, or inputting existing characters for easier management, the character sheet puts everything you need to play during a game at your fingertips without ever leaving the sheet. Review the lore, decide which actions to take, learn game mechanics, track conditions, all of it personalized to each character’s unique build. 

This means you can create and manage your character with Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools and use them anywhere you play--in person around a game table with friends or virtually online alongside your favorite virtual tabletop. And when a new book is released, errata is updated, or we need to add a new feature? Our unique technology infrastructure let's us incorporate new content and capabilities with unrivaled speed.


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